Jay Dot Rain “April Showers” Video + “Thank God For The Rain” Album – Mass Appeal Premiere

via Mass Appeal


“It took a lot of time to get where I am right now,” Jay Dot Rain muses over a mournful piano loop on his new single “April Showers,” which uses the metaphor of precipitation—literally making it rain—in more ways than one.

“A lot of storms,” he continues. “I had a nigga test me one time. Before you get to the sunshine, you got to go throught that storm. You need that rain to grow.”

Huntsville, Alabama’s hip hop scene has been bubbling since the late 2000s. If there’s been a slight dry spell of late, Jay Dot Rain aims to correct that, following in the footsteps of local heroes G-Side, PRG’z, and Jackie Chain.

“I was writing poetry for girls—corny, I know,” the Tuscaloosa-born wordsmith recalls of his earliest inspiration. “Every once in a while my friends and I would have playful cyphers and they would always encouraged me to rap.”

A graduate of Alabama A&M University with a degree in Telecommunications, JDM broadened his education by landing an invaluable internship at Slow Motion Soundz, home of G-Side and the Block Beattaz production team, soaking up much game from the hometown heroes as he learned the meaning of the motto he lives by: “Risk or regret.”

Now repping a movement he calls The Dixie Renaissance, JDR has a grip of mixtapes under his belt (Black Sheep, Cooley Fly Chronicles, Memoirs of a Young Dreamer, Cooley Fly Chronicles II, The Dixie Renaissance and most recently Cooley Fly Chronicles III). He’s also had one placement—”Youngest In Charge“—on the soundtrack of an indie film that premiered at the Cannes Festival.

Today MASS APPEAL premieres the music video for “April Showers,” which you can peep up top. The single is taken from JDR’s newest project, Thank God For The Rain, which you can stream in full below, and purchase on iTunes right here.

“Nobody perfect, shit I ain’t either / And my people hungry so guess who gon’ feed em?” —Jay Dot Rain “April Showers”