Jay Dot Rain / HNHH Premiere “Andale” (Official Music Video)

via HNHH

Alabama’s Jay Dot Rain epitomizes the hustle in the new “Andale” video.

by Angus Walker

Earlier this month, Jay Dot Rain got his movement flowing way outside of his native Tuscaloosa, Alabama with the release of the Cooley Fly Chronicles 3. Jay has now introduced himself in front of the camera with the new video to the CFC3 standout “Andale.” Donning a white durag while cruising in a doorless yellow Jeep, he’s clearly got the look. And he seals the deal with his seamless delivery.

CFC3 stood out because of its slick lyricism and its array of different flows, both catchy and thoughtful. Whereas some of the tracks tell detailed stories of motivation and pain (see “Gotta Believe” and “Street Lights”), “Andale” is all about the hustle — how to keep moving when surrounded by fakeness. “I can’t fuck with that pretend, I been real since the begin,” snaps Jay. When at an impasse, there’s just one word to keep in mind, and it ain’t even English. Andale!!!

“Andale” is produced by JayeLL, and the video is shot by Bobby Neutron. Download the Cooley Fly Chronicles 3 here.